Will the DribbleUp football change the way you train?

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In a previous blog post we wrote about sports wearables and technology in football. Browsing the internet recently, we found a new startup company that is trying to break into the football technology market. The company is called DribbleUp and it hopes its little device will help players improve their skills without teammates or coaches.

How does the DribbleUp work?

The DribbleUp is unlike other tech items. The ball has a QR code on it that a football player can scan with their iPhone or Android device. The company calls the DribbleUp ball a “smart ball”, so don’t expect the app to work with your Nike or Adidas ball.

Once the ball and the smartphone app are paired, a player places his or her phone on the handy smartphone stand. This allows the player to see the screen to see just how well they are doing. The app will then track the player training. For example, a player may choose to do a side to side roll drill. The phone tracks the drill and places two digital cones on the screen that is video recording the player. Once the drill is complete the player can see the data on their training.

What training can you do?

The DribbleUp allows players to choose three different types of training methods: shooting, dribbling and footwork, and ball juggling. Each offers digital aspects such as a goalkeeper or cones, and each gives feedback to the player. According to DribbleUp, the app will adapt to the player, and it will provide more difficult training sessions for players over time.

The cool thing about the app is it offers daily lessons for players when it comes to ball training. Players can also hook their smartphones up to a television which allows for a larger screen to view the training session. That is if your living room or bedroom is large enough to do ball work in.

Is it worth it?

DribbleUp is definitely an interesting concept. The app that tracks a player’s training and provides feedback is very good and highly useful to players. However, the idea of looking at the screen to see digital cones and goalkeepers seems a bit odd. Players can just set up their own cones on the pitch and do a 10,000-touch training session on their own without looking at a smartphone screen. That said, the idea of having data with information about the training session could be very useful. Perhaps that is the most important aspect of this sports technology invention.

For anyone that wants more information about the DribbleUp ball or to purchase it, they can view the company’s Kickstarter page.

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