Why you should play futsal!

Futsal is a fast-paced brand of football played indoors on small, handball-style courts. The game, which was made famous in Brazil, features teams with a goalkeeper and four outfit players.

Due to futsal’s popularity in Brazil and players learning the game from a young age, it has been praised for developing technical, skilful players. Futsal has plenty of benefits and all prove just why you should play it.

Benefits of futsal

Improves decision making

One of the best reasons for young players to play the small-sided game is it improves decision making. Due to the fast-paced nature of futsal, you have to act quickly with the ball at your feet. The game isn’t about running fast. It’s more about moving the ball quickly and interchanging with teammates.

Increases touches

One of the worst things for young players is not getting enough touches. A lack of touches means a young player doesn’t develop, improve, and get better. Futsal gives players the chance to take a number of touches and work on their skills with the ball at their feet. They must also make quick decisions.

According to a study completed by the University of Liverpool, futsal players touch the ball six times more per minute than a player in a regular 11v11 game. For this reason, young kids just learning the game are recommended to play small-sided football matches.

Challenges 1v1 skills

Too often, players do not get to compete 1v1 against teammates in training. This prevents them from developing skills to go beat defenders in matches. It can also prevent defenders from learning how to defend 1v1. Futsal can help you learn skills and moves to go around defenders and get in on goal.

Promotes creativity

With five players on each team and a small court at your disposal, along with small goals, you have to be creative. The creativity futsal promotes means you have to look for different angles to make passes and to score goals. Look at the creativity of players such as Neymar and you can see just how futsal improves technical skills and transform players into good 11-a-side footballers.

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