It’s no secret clubs from Spain have dominated in European competitions for many years. Their domination has been seen on an international and domestic level. The discussion has been had as to the source of this success for many years. We can look at the youth system in Spain, which is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Not only is the standard of academy fantastic in Spain but the conversion rate from academy to first team is higher than any other European league. Below is a list of variables that have undoubtedly helped in Spain’s European dominance.


The two richest and possibly the best two playing sides in the world call La Liga their home. Barcelona and Real Madrid are two clubs at the top of their games. With the revenues this success brings the clubs are able to pump funds back into the club at every level. Both teams have amazing academy programs with top stars being produced regularly. As in all pro leagues, competition for spaces is high. This see top academy making great careers at other Spanish clubs after mastering their trade at Barcelona or Madrid.


The style of football in Spain really is something to behold. Just look at the Spanish national side that won 3 international tournaments between 2008 and 2012. This side questionably the best international team to play together used the tiki-taka style that wowed the world. The Spanish style seems encourage the flare and skill of Brazil’s famous sides but instills a greater emphasis on defense and work rate.

The variation of coaches and coaching styles with in the Spanish leagues seem to offer great results in Europe. Looking at past teams like Simeone’s rock solid Atletico Madrid showing massive contrast to Barcelona’s style. Then we have the counter attack kings in Villa Real, Real Madrid and Sevilla. It is this Variation and unpredictability that has seen many European rivals undone.


With Real Madrid and Barcelona able to rest on their multi-million budgets they rarely feel the strain of transfers. Lesser clubs how ever see themselves selling all of their top players to the top two or more so now cash rich Premier League teams. Although Clubs in the league do benefit from the top two teams academy drop outs sometimes superstars are hard to come by. For years now directors of football at top clubs like Sevilla and Atletico have reaped rewards looking further a-field. Teams now seem to concentrate on finding class talent in leagues such as France, Ukraine, Portugal and even lower Spanish divisions. The rate of success evident from Liverpool and Barcelona’s interest in Sevilla’s Director of football in previous years. This recruitment strategy gives young players a great chance to prosper in one of the top leagues in the world.

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