What are the best sports drinks for high-performance athletes?

Football players spend a lot of time running and sweating on the pitch. Whether it is training or a match, players exert a lot of energy and need fluids to hydrate their bodies. A football player who fails to hydrate their body properly will run himself or herself down and they won’t be able to perform to a high level. High-performance athletes need high-quality hydration and these drinks are great for players to sip, slurp, and chug.


Gatorade has long been one of the go-to drinks for high-performance athletes needing to refuel. The sports beverage was invented in 1965 and since it went onto the market, it has been synonymous with athletes.

Although there have been other brands such as Powerade which have pop-up over the years, nothing beats the taste, flavours, and refreshing hydration of Gatorade.

Coconut water

You may not realise it, but coconut water is a great drink for hydration following training or a match. Not only does coconut water contain natural ingredients, something Gatorade doesn’t, it also has potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and sugar. Compared to Gatorade, coconut water contains less sodium and high-performance athletes will love the light feeling in their stomachs.


After your next draining training session reach for a large watermelon rather than a sports drink. Watermelons contain a large amount of water as around 92% of the fruit is hydrating water. Why not cut one up and pass around the pieces following your next training session?


NOOMA is a new organic sports hydration drink that provides an alternative to sugary post-workout and match drinks. NOOMA is organic and contains natural electrolytes. The company stresses that all of the sugar contained in a bottle of Nooma comes from the coconut water used to make each delicious drink.

In addition, each bottle contains just 30 calories so drinkers get all the hydration but not the bloat and weight gain other hydration drinks offer.

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