UFC star makes “significant” donation to childhood football club

Conor McGregor is worth an estimated £38 million. The UFC star has been in the octagon with some of the toughest mixed martial arts fighters in the world. Now, McGregor has made a donation to his childhood football club, Lourdes Celtic.

According to reports in Ireland, McGregor has made a significant donation to secure the club’s future to prevent it from falling on hard times financially. The UFC star has donated enough funding that Lourdes Celtic have been able to build a brand-new indoor and outdoor training ground with state-of-the-art amenities.

Players will not only benefit from the incredible training facilities but Lourdes Celtic’s teams will have “professional” kits supplied by Umbro. The players will wear shirts emblazoned with “McGregor Sports & Development” on the front. The same sponsor logo appears around the club’s training facility.

McGregor could continue to be the club’s benefactor for years to come. Now, 32, McGregor could return to the octagon soon. The UFC star, who announced his retirement earlier this year, is working on a deal to return to MMA.

Born in Dublin in 1988, McGregor has had a meteoric rise in the MMA fight game. He originally trained as a plumber before training to fight in MMA. It didn’t take long for McGregor to take the world by storm. His combination of brash bravado and ability to outclass opponents in the octagon led to millions of pounds earned from headlining fight cards.

McGregor started playing football at Lourdes Celtic at the age of 10. It was two years before he began training to box. According to reports, he began training to box at Crumlin Boxing Gym due to the rough Dublin neighbourhood he grew up in. His boxing skills were learned to deal with local bullies. McGregor later trained in MMA.

Other famous Lourdes Celtic alumni include Katie Taylor, Damien Duff, and Niall Quinn.

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