The Slide Tackle: Basics of making a High-Quality Slide Tackle

Tackling is an integral part of football and defensive players must master the art of tackling to be successful. The slide tackle is one element of tackling that players can master as a great ground tackle is one of the best visual aspects of football. A bad slide tackle, however, can leave players with serious injuries.

A slide tackle shouldn’t be made when a standing tackle is a better alternative. In addition, players shouldn’t go to ground if they are in close proximity to the player with the ball.

The most common time to go to ground to make a tackle is when you are running alongside an opponent who is dribbling the ball. It is a time when you can go to ground and hook your leg around to sweep the ball away and not foul the player.

Timing is the most important aspect of making a slide tackle. While the technique is also vital, timing will determine when you should go to ground.

What to consider when you make a slide tackle

  • Consider the situation: Where are you on the pitch?
  • Have a goal in mind: Can you regain the ball?
  • Focus on winning the ball: Don’t let the player fool you with a stepover or feint.
  • Use the leg furthest from your opponent to make the tackle.
  • Land on the ground on your hip.
  • Use the laces of your boot to sweep the ball away.
  • Tackle the ball away from other opponents who can take the ball and advance it.

A great slide tackle looks amazing. Some of the best footballers at the skill are/were Daniel De Rossi, Alessandro Nesta, and Javier Mascherano. It is important to remember that slide tackles bring plenty of risks as fouls can be given. The move should not be used in the penalty area unless it is a last resort. If you can remember our tips, you should do well when going to ground.

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