The Ronaldo “chop”

Cristiano Ronaldo is renowned as one of the greatest footballers of all time. He has revolutionised the game in multiple ways. From training and physical preparation to the skills and techniques, he has displayed in matches, Ronaldo is admired and copied by young players all over the world. One of the signature moves the Portuguese forward has become known for is the Ronaldo “chop”.

The dribbling move is taught to young players in training sessions by coaches to improve their skills for moving away, around, and past defenders. By adding the Ronaldo “chop” technique to a footballer’s skillset gives them more ways of dribbling past a defender. Therefore, the move improves a team’s ability to disrupt a well-organised defence.

The Ronaldo “chop”

So, how do you perform the Ronaldo “chop”? Begin square-on with your legs shoulder-width apart and a stationary ball between them. Jump and land with one foot in front of the other. The inside of the back foot moving behind the front foot and pushing the ball to the side.

Combine several alternating left foot-right foot Ronaldo “chops”. Stop the ball after each chop, so that it doesn’t move away. After practicing the move with a stationary ball, the next part involves dribbling the ball forward a short distance than performing the technique. Repeat the chop using the other foot. Alternate back and forth to practice.

Once you have got the hang of the first two progressions, dribble forward at a stationary defender and perform the chop. Follow the ball as you move past the opponent. As your confidence grows, increase the speed of your dribble.

The move allows you to move past a defender in game situations. When performing the move, you bait the defender in before completing the chop to dribble away from the opponent and to create goalscoring chances.

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