Simple energy providing snacks for athletes

Having the right foods before a match can give you the energy you need to succeed on the pitch. If you have the right foods, you can last longer and outperform the competition. So, here are some simple energy providing snacks for athletes before or even during matches and training.

1. Beef jerky with fruit

Beef jerky provides you with protein to give you energy on matchday. It also contains sodium which keeps you from cramping during a long hard game. Add a banana, apple, or orange to the snack to make it even more filling and impactful.

2. Peanut butter and honey

Peanut butter is filled with protein and it is another great snack to have pre-game or pre-training. Add a bit of honey rather than jelly to reduce the sugar and calories when you smear these items on bread. As an alternative and for a more substantial snack or pre-training meal, porridge with a big dollop of peanut butter is not only filling but delicious. It provides plenty of energy to your muscles too.

3. Rice cakes

Rice cakes are easy to digest carbohydrates and they lack fat. You will be able to digest rice cakes easily preventing you from getting sick on the pitch. They are also high in energy allowing you to run for days.

4. Avocado on toast

Avocadoes are the it food for health junkies. They contain healthy fat and are low in carbs. They are delicious when pread over whole-grain toast and the energy they provide is substantial. You could even eat avocado toast as a pre-game meal.

5. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is easy to eat and packed with protein. The only issue with it is eating too much may cause problems if you are sensitive to dairy. Cottage cheese’s nutrients are absorbed slowly by the body. The food helps muscle gain during training and promotes the recovery of tired muscles and ligaments.

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