Revisiting the 10,000 touches football training session

In 2017, Premier Football UK wrote about the 10,000 touches football training session. You may not be familiar with a 10,000 touches football training session, but the idea behind it is to give players repetition to gain competency with a football at their feet.

Here is our previous blog about the training method: 10,000 touches football training session

As we wrote previously, players can do the 10,000 touch session on their own. A team, coach, or someone to oversee the training isn’t necessary for it to be successful.

What is the 10,000 touches football training session?

Repetition with football touches “leads to habitual patterns of play, and techniques to a point where complexities become simple”. That is the idea behind the method of young football players completing drills that allow them to make 10,000 touches per day.

The Netherlands have made the 10,000 touches method popular. Clubs use the method to improve players on the ball and at the youth levels. This prepares them for professional football.

How easy is completing 10,000 touches a day?

Players can complete a 10,000 touches session each day on their own to improve their skills. It will take dedication to complete that amount of touches and do it every day.

If you are short on time, a 1,000 touches a day session could provide the basis to what you need. In addition, you can build up to the 10,000 touches a day session. A 1,000 touch session should last around 20 minutes to complete.

If you do the session correctly, it should be tiring. So, don’t expect to just jog through the session.

What drills can you do in the 10,000 football training session?

A 1,000 touch session should take around 20 minutes to complete. Start with this and build up. The great thing about YouTube is you can find an example of nearly all the drills listed below.

Here are the drills to work on and build up to 10,000 touches. What is listed below is for 1,000 touches. Once you get a hang of it, build up to the 10,000 touches football training session and improve your ball control.

Side to side – 50

Inside outside right – 50

Inside outside left – 50

Inside left outside right – 50

Alternate Stanley Matthew – 25

Sole touches – 5o

Sole touches forward and backwards – 50

Sole Swipes – 50

Ball Squirts – 50

Roll Across – 50

Triangles – 50

Push Pull Side – 50

Push Pull Instep – 50

Pull Back V Inside – 50

Pull Back V Outside – 50

Full pullbacks – 50

Pull Back & Tap Behind – 50

Stationary behind the leg and touch outside – 50

Cruyff Turns Left and Right – 25

Step Overs – 50

Scissors – 50

Need some help? Check out this video for some ideas on football touch training.

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