Lower back pain leads to common football injuries

Lower back pain can be a small issue that becomes a larger problem for football players. The back is connected to the legs and feet, and an injury can affect all three areas. Some footballers could even exacerbate an injury to one area by overcompensating in another.

There are several reasons football players experience lower back pain. Falls, collisions with other players, jostling, and regular upper body rotations and movements can all affect the back.

Lower back pain may seem like no big deal after a match or training session. However, it could turn into something more serious.

Muscle Spasms

Many football players will experience muscle spasms during their careers. It is said that muscle spasms are the most common lower back injury in football.

A muscle spasm occurs when you feel tightness or stiffness in the affected area. This can happen following a fall, collision, or tackle.

Stretches, ice, heat, and core stretching movements can alleviate back spasms.

Stress Fracture

A stress fracture is typically the result of overuse. Although stress fractures can occur after a tackle, collision, or fall, they can also be caused by repeated running, jumping, and other common football movements.

Football players must often take time off of playing football if they suffer a stress fracture. Continued playing and movements can cause the injury to worsen.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs are very serious injuries. Players can be sidelined for some time due to a herniated disc and surgery can be required.

A herniated disc can cause lower back and leg pain. You may not be aware just what the injury is as the pain can radiate in the area. Footballers will feel pain and an uncomfortableness when playing and doing normal non-football activities. Only a doctor can diagnose the severity of a herniated disc.

These three injuries can be major setbacks for footballers. If you suffer a lower back injury, be sure to tell your coach and seek the advice of a doctor.

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