Is Non-League football cancelled until 2021?

Is Non-League football cancelled until 2021?

There is still uncertainty on when some of the world’s football leagues will return. The Premier League has stated it hopes to come back in join and the Bundesliga’s return is now up in the air after players were discovered to have contracted coronavirus. La Liga has returned to training with sights set on playing in June.

While France’s Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have been cancelled, a few leagues around the world are on their way back to playing this month (May) and next.

So, which leagues will resume their seasons?

Korea’s K-League and football leagues in Poland, Denmark, and Sweden are all set to return in the coming weeks. The K-League will be the first division to start back up with May 9 being the return of the league.

Although some leagues are coming back, there has been news reported this week about Non-League football. It has been claimed that Non-League football in England and all games outside the Football League will not return until 2021. There is hope that Non-League will return sometime between August and November, but one club owner, Boreham Woods’ Danny Hunter doesn’t believe that is realistic.

The impact of no Non-League football?

A lack of Non-League football means that thousands of semi-pro and amateur players will not have the chance to play next season. There is also the chance that no football at the level will cause it to end in the future. Although Hunter’s claim that football outside of the Football League could be cancelled altogether, there is no official word on it. However, football which is not under extreme scrutiny due to health concerns means that players, coaches, personnel, and fans are all at risk until a vaccine is developed.

Non-League clubs and grassroots teams will all have difficulty staying afloat due to the coronavirus pandemic. All sports clubs across the United Kingdom are closed with no way for money to be made currently. It isn’t just Non-League football that is impacted by the virus, but all levels of football from the very top to the very bottom.

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