How to be a sweeper-keeper — positioning

Goalkeepers are simply not players who stop shots at the goal these days. Modern goalkeepers must play outside of the penalty area as well as inside it. Modern goalkeepers must receive back-passes and distribute the ball short, medium, and long-distance. Becoming a sweeper-keeper is not easy and learning to play outside your penalty area can transform your chances of being a No. 1.

Sweeper-keeper positioning

Goalkeepers should always be moving as the ball moves around the football pitch. You should not be afraid to leave the penalty area when the ball is in the other half of the pitch. This allows you to sweep up balls played passed your team’s defence.

A sweeper-keeper’s position should be judged on how safe he/she feels that the opposing team cannot hit a long shot over their head. The more a goalkeeper plays and comes out of their area, the more comfortable they will become.

You shouldn’t constantly stay in the centre of your goal either. When the ball is passed to the right, you should also move to the right-hand side. To have good positioning, imagine a line from the centre of the goal to where the ball is on the pitch. You should then position your body on the imaginary line after judging how far you need to be off your goal line. The more you play like this, the more comfortable you will be as a sweeper-keeper.

The best thing to do to learn to be a strong sweeper-keeper is to watch great professionals such as Manuel Neuer. By watching top-rated goalies, you will learn how to pattern your game. For more information on how to become a sweeper-keeper, check out the video below to gain a greater depth of knowledge on the position.


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