Guillermo Varela: What happens when you defy your football club’s wishes?

Manchester United and Eintracht Frankfurt supporters may remember the name, Guillermo Varela. Others may know the name for his decision to defy his football club’s wishes which ultimately got him banned from Eintracht Frankfurt.

In 2016, Varela was loaned to Eintracht Frankfurt from parent club Manchester United with the hope that playing in the Bundesliga would help with his development. Varela may have had a lot of potential but didn’t bed-in well under manager Niko Kovac at Eintracht Frankfurt. He made just three appearances in the Bundesliga as the club fought relegation in the second half of the season. The Eagles won just once in their last 15 league fixtures.

Guillermo Varela Mistake

Although Eintracht Frankfurt struggled in the league they made it to the German Cup Final, a game that Varela was in line to feature in.

In the build-up to the final, Varela asked permission from the club to get a new tattoo. Eintracht Frankfurt told him not to get ink before the game forbidding him from going under the tattoo gun. Varela defied the club’s wishes and got tattooed anyway.

The act of defying his club was one thing, but shortly after getting the tattoo done, Varela’s arm became infected. The infection fully ruled Varela out of the German Cup Final.

What punishment did Guillermo Varela get?

Eintracht Frankfurt fined Varela £61,000 and sent him back to Manchester United. According to Eintracht Frankfurt coach Kovac, Varela was to play in the final and receive a contract at the club to stay further. Varela’s actions ended any hope of staying at the club.

Manchester United weren’t thrilled to have Varela back and sent him packing back to Uruguay where he signed Penarol. In January 2018, Varela moved back to Europe signing for Denmark’s FC Copenhagen.

The moral of the story of Guillermo Varela is… The simple moral of the story is to not defy your football club’s orders.

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