Football injuries: Ankle injuries

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is well-known for suffering ankle injuries. The Englishman missed the end of the Premier League season due to ankle ligament damage suffered against Manchester City in the Champions League. His ankle issues are well documented as they have kept him out for long spells.

Ankle injuries are a common occurrence in football although the ligament issues Kane has experienced are quite extreme. You may suffer an ankle injury from time to time. So, what should you do about it?

Ankle injuries: How common are they?

Most ankle injuries occur due to bad or poorly timed tackles. Bad tackles can greatly damage the ankle and put you on the sidelines.

It isn’t just poor tackling that causes ankle injuries as uneven pitches and wet surfaces can also cause an injury.

Players can also damage their ankles when making passes or taking shots. The foot and ankle are put under stress when making contact with the ball which can strain or sprain the joint.

Ankle injuries: How to treat them

The simplest way to treat an ankle injury is to use the RICE method. The RICE method is a common way to treat injuries and it stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

When applying ice, you should never put it directly onto the skin. Place a towel in between the ice pack and the skin. Tape can be used to compress the ice pack to the damaged area and reduce the pain and swelling.

Severe ankle injuries may require more than just RICE treatment. The severity of the damage could lead you to physical therapy to recover from the injury. Meanwhile, a mild sprain could simply need RICE treatment before returning to the pitch.

Your ankles may ache following matches or training. This doesn’t mean you have a sprained or strained ankle joint or ligament. It does mean you may be experiencing overuse in the area. Applying the RICE method to the ankle can reduce the mild aches and pains you are suffering from.

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