Football Fitness: Staying fit and healthy at the end of the football season

The big leagues in Europe are heading toward the end of their respective seasons. Many of the top footballers are struggling at this point with fatigue and injury. Staying fit and healthy is difficult as the season winds down.

You don’t have to be a top footballer to be struggling for fitness at this point. A long season can take a toll on the body and the mind. So, what can you do to be fit at the business end of the season?

RICE Treatment

In a previous blog, we wrote about Cryotherapy and its use by professional footballers. You may not have access to Cryotherapy devices and technology to help with your physical wellbeing, but there are alternatives that can help.

For any knock, soreness, swelling, or pain, you can use the RICE treatment to help alleviate the issue. The RICE treatment is incredibly basic, but it works. What does RICE stand for? Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It can work wonders and keep you fit and healthy.


Sore muscles love to be massaged, so rub away the pain and soreness with a sports massage. The world’s top footballers from Cristiano Ronaldo to Lionel Messi get regular massage therapy. Many footballers will get massages before or after training.

A massage prior to training gets the muscles prepared for the intensity of the activity. A post-training session massage relaxes the muscles after the activity. Regular massage prevents the likelihood of muscles from being overused.


Many athletes have preconceived notions about chiropractors, but there are those who swear by spinal realignments. A chiropractor can adjust the spine by manipulating your body in various way. A realignment can straighten your spine, take pressure off of nerves, and lessen/eliminate the pain you feel in your legs.

Some injury experts claim a chiropractor is a good option if you have had a lingering injury for four to five months that rehab isn’t curing. A spinal adjustment could take the pressure off of the injury. The injury may be caused by another underlying issue.

Although you may not think an ankle injury can be healed due to spinal realignment, it can. You may be putting pressure on your foot and ankle due to a problem with you back. Moreover, your spine is the centre point for activity and it controls the rest of your body.

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