Fatigue and Football: Overcoming tiredness

Fatigue is a common problem for athletes of all types. It is especially common in football because players are running constantly. But running alone isn’t the only thing that can cause fatigue in footballers. There are other issues at play that can cause a player to become tired.


As a football season goes on, you may find yourself becoming far more tired than at the beginning of the season. You can also become tired playing more quickly than in previous months. This is because the more you do, no matter how fit you are, the more tired you become.

If you have a big workload, you can wear yourself down. You may not even be playing many games, but the constant training and physical exhaustion can take its toll. If your muscles become overly fatigued, you run the risk of an injury.

Mental fatigue

Physical fatigue is not the only issue football players have when they overwork themselves. Mental fatigue is a major issue that can see you lose focus and concentration. You may find yourself unable to sleep, eat, or lose motivation when mentally tired. This can see your performances drop dramatically.


As stated before, tired muscles can cause injury to players. However, it isn’t just muscle and ligament injuries that occur due to players being overly tired. Your motor skills and control can be affected by fatigue. This could result in taking a wrong step or planting your foot wrong. A torn tendon or broken bone can result.

How can you overcome fatigue? Getting plenty of rest in between matches and training sessions is vital to keeping yourself fresh. In addition, hydrating your body can help along with eating healthy foods. If you find yourself being mentally tired, it is important to take a step back and rest when needed.

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