Eat like a pro: 5 foods you need to eat for top football performance

If you want to be a professional footballer, you have to eat like one. As former WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin says, “You can’t out-train a poor diet”. Top-class footballers not only train well and to a high degree, but they also eat well. Eating well doesn’t mean overeating high-calorie foods. Eating well means dining on the best foods that bring out the best football performance in you.

Football Performance – Oily Fish

Omega 3 is an important fatty acid that can improve your health. Omega 3 enables your body to recover and heal following difficult matches and training sessions.

What else does Omega 3 help with?

  • Reductions in anxiety and stress,
  • improve your immune system,
  • improve bone and joint aches,
  • it’s full of protein to help repair muscle and recover after training and matches.

Football Performance – Eggs

Eggs are a low-calorie source of protein to help muscles recover and grow. Eggs contain leucine which is an amino acid that repairs muscles after strenuous use.

Choline and bethane are two vitamins that eggs contain which helps with the development of the brain. Not only are eggs cheap to purchase but they are quite a sustainable item that occur naturally.

Football Performance – Blueberries

Blueberries have been classed as a superfood in recent years. You can now find blueberries in early everything, especially smoothies.

The little blue bursts of fruit are great for post-training and after matches. Blueberries contain antioxidants that aid the body’s recovery. In addition, blueberries possess vitamin C and K. These vitamins give you energy, fortify bones, and fight off infections and illnesses.

Football Performance – Quinoa

Quinoa is a perfect replacement for pasta. The carb-rich grain is low in fat but high in fibre. Quinoa also packs in the protein. The grain has now replaced pasta at the go-to carb for athletes.

Football Performance – Coconut Water

Is there anything more delicious than coconut water? What about a smoothie with coconut water and blueberries. Coconut water tastes great and enables hydration following a gruelling training session or game. As a drink, coconut water is full of vitamins and minerals.

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