Does oxygenated water improve your muscle recovery after football training?

The advancement and development of products designed to improve weight loss, fitness, and muscle recovery has been accelerated over the last 10 years. One of the newest trends in sports drinks is oxygenated water. It is a product that several companies have focused on marketing it to athletes to improve their fitness. But does it work?

What is oxygenated water?

Oxygenated water is simply water with extra oxygen infused into it. Proponents of the drink claim that more oxygen in the body could possibly improve an athlete’s performance and recovery. Some drink brands claim that more oxygen in your drinks can improve your thinking thus increasing your decision-making abilities on the pitch.

Does it really work?

Unfortunately, scientists are bursting the bubble of oxygenated water brands. The Berkeley University of California produced a statement reading: “A bottle of oxygenated water would have less oxygen than the amount you get taking a single breath.”

You won’t receive any more oxygen in your body drinking the oxygen-infused water. That doesn’t mean drink brands won’t make billions of dollars off of it. Well marketed fitness and weight loss products provide companies with billions of dollars each year. Certainly, there will be some athletes who believe the elixir helps although science claims it doesn’t.

Other ways to hydrate after training

There are several ways to hydrate after training that are far better for athletes. Coconut water is one of the best drinks footballers can have to recover. Protein and carb snacks are also good ways to recover post-training and/or matches.

One of the most popular and widely drank sports drinks for recovery is Gatorade. The American sports drink is consumed by footballers and other athletes for hydrating during and after training and matches.

Science has disproved oxygenated water being good for you as a footballer. So, before you shell out for some expensive oxygen-infused water for recovery, think again.

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