Do you know who Premier League’s best scoring duo is?

Modern Premier League football often sees teams deploy a central striker with attacking midfielders or wingers supporting them. The scoring duo has replaced the strike partnership that used to make up the Premier League and one pair has been ripping up the division this season.

After 32 games in the Premier League, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ duo of Raul Jimenez and Adama Traore has recorded the most goals. Jimenez has bagged seven goals provided by Traore this season. Traore has also added three of his own goals provided by Jimenez. The scoring duo has bagged and created a combined 10 goals together. It has made them two of the most sought-after players in the division by teams across Europe.

So, who are the other top scoring duo partners in the Premier League?

Sergio Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne have combined for the second-most goals in the division with six. De Bruyne created and provided each of the six goals for Aguero to score. The duo won’t have a chance to continue and add to their goals this season due to Aguero suffering a season-ending knee injury.

Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford have combined to score four times for Manchester United. Rashford has played provider for each of those four goals. The duo has also combined for 28 Premier League goals with 14 apiece.

A remarkable season

In 2012-13, Chelsea midfielder Juan Mata tallied an incredible 35 assists in all competitions. It was an unbelievable number with 17 of those coming in the Premier League. According to Transfermarkt, Mata’s 35 assists in a single season are the most of the last 20 years in European football.

Although a bit-part player now at Manchester United, Mata was an incredible playmaker at Stamford Bridge during his prime years. Can another Premier League player break his number of 35 assists in all competitions? It will be a difficult number to equal.

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