Is compression football clothing right for all players?

Turn on a professional football match and you will often see players wearing compression clothing under their kit. Compression gear comes in many shapes and sizes. Shirts, shorts, long tights and even leg or arm sleeves, compression clothing is considered one of the best ways to prevent muscle injuries. But the real question is, does compression football clothing really work?

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Compression football clothing – Benefits

Several benefits are claimed by the makers of compression football clothing. One of these benefits is increased blood flow to muscles. The increased blood flow allows muscles to heal more quickly. This allows players to recover after exerting energy and prevents them from injury. The tight clothing does hold the body firmly. This can definitely keep the body warmer during exercise, training or matches.

Compression football clothing – Is there any evidence of improved play?

It is really difficult to look at a professional football player and determine if their standard of play has increased due to compression gear. However, there are reports that statistics increase in various sports when players wear this type of clothing under their kits. One reason that has been given for improved play is the body and muscles are much warmer than during matches without the clothing. Overall performance of the individual wearing the compression clothing improves according to research.

Compression football clothing – Problems

While there are a lot of claims about compression gear, the facts are there is little proven evidence that it actually makes a football player better. A lot of marketing from companies goes into claims of improved play, but really, it is down to the player wearing it. Of course, compression clothing can improve blood flow, so it is helping recovery. Moreover, a player’s muscles are far warmer than without the clothing, so they may feel better playing. But overall, it seems that the idea that it helps performance on a grand scale is… well, just an idea. Improved play on the pitch could truly be down to a player’s mental belief that the gear is helping them out more than it actually is.

Compression football clothing doesn’t come cheap. Top brands sell it for large amounts. Players may try compression items to see if they improve personal performance. It is really down to the person wearing it and how well they react to the gear.

While some football players like Bayern Munich’s Arjen Robben have adopted compression clothing to eliminate injuries; it mostly hasn’t been adopted by a large number of professionals. At least not long tights. Other sports and players have grown fond of the clothing. NBA players often wear compression tights these days to keep their muscles warm on the hardwood.

Compression football clothing is a technology that individual players will need to make a decision on themselves. Don’t listen to the marketers. It isn’t right for every player.

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