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The sitter: Why football players miss easy chances

20 Sep 19

It happens nearly every weekend in major football leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga. Football players miss easy chances right in front of the goal. Yes, a missed sitter can be an incredibly...

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Are keepie uppies important to practice?

16 Jul 19

Walk down the high streets of London, Madrid, or any major city in Europe, and you are bound to see some man or woman performing keepie uppies for an audience. These performers are quite good at their...

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3 Football moves to beat a defender and get to goal

27 May 19

One of the great aspects of football is training can be done individually at home, the park, or on the training ground. There are plenty of ball activities you can do simply with a cone or other object...

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Revisiting the 10,000 touches football training session

18 May 19

In 2017, Premier Football UK wrote about the 10,000 touches football training session. You may not be familiar with a 10,000 touches football training session, but the idea behind it is to give players...

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How to take a penalty: Score from the spot like a professional

10 May 19

On Thursday night, Chelsea defeated Eintracht Frankfurt on penalties to reach the Europa League Final. During the shootout, Eintracht Frankfurt missed two spot-kicks allowing Chelsea to record the victory....

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Football Training: 3 Areas to improve to impress football scouts

7 Apr 19

With so many professional and amateur football teams around the world, clubs are always looking for new players. Improving your skills and abilities through training can increase your chances of getting...

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What characteristics make a great goalkeeper?

29 Mar 19

Goalkeeper is one of the most difficult positions to play on the football pitch. Not only does a No. 1 need to stop hard shots, but they must deal with the mental aspects of success and failure.

A goalkeeper...

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Football strength training

4 Dec 17

Over the last two decades, football training has changed significantly. Perhaps it's better to say that the training off the pitch has changed rather than that on it. The training that players do in the...

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Staying football fit during the holidays

20 Nov 17

The end of 2017 is upon us, and that means millions of people around the world will be celebrating the holidays. Football players may find it as a great time to kick back and relax after a gruelling season....

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Staying fit during football season

30 Oct 17

Staying fit during football season my seem simple, but it really isn't. You may think you are completely fit just playing matches each week and going through training. However, that isn't necessarily true....

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The 10,000 touches football training session

16 Oct 17

Repetition with football touches "leads to habitual patterns of play, and techniques to a point where complexities becomes simple". That is the idea behind the method of young football players completing...

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Football tips: How do small players get the best of big opponents?

7 Sep 17

Football is a great game as small players are able to compete on the same level as much bigger opponents. Unlike other sports like basketball, rugby or American football, footballers don't need to be...

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