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Can AI technology tell clubs which footballer to recruit and sign?

20 Jun 20

Football continues to evolve thanks to new technology and the use of data has emerged over the last decade giving clubs more power in player signings and squad selections.

Now, computer scientists England's...

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New GPS tracker makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like a pro

12 Nov 19

Sports tech company Catapult Sports has launched Playr, a product that makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like real Premier League pros. The GPS tracker is just another advancement in the world...

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Football socks: Do you cut the feet off your socks?

3 Sep 19

It is funny to think that less than 10 years ago, the practice of football players cutting the feet off their football socks started. A generation of players may not realise it, but in 2012, cutting the...

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Dutch footballer becomes thriving entrepreneur thanks to gaming

29 Apr 19

It is no secret that the world's top footballers love to play video games. Earlier this season, Barcelona's French superstar Ousmane Dembele was reprimanded by the club due to his late-night gaming and...

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What is FC Barcelona’s Innovation Hub?

8 Mar 19

In 2017, FC Barcelona launched the Innovation Hub. According to the Financial Times, the arm of the football club was created to "invent" the future of the game. The group's own website claims it is a...

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How to choose the perfect pair of football boots

7 Mar 19

Football boots used to come in one style and colour. Nowadays, you can get a variety of boot styles in almost any colour. The days of every player wearing black boots are over, but that doesn't mean you...

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Goalkeeper gloves: When did goalkeepers begin wearing gloves?

15 Dec 18

Watch a football match on television or visit any youth, semi-professional, or five-a-side game, and you will see goalkeepers wearing gloves. The use of goalkeeper gloves makes complete sense as it allows...

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5 Oct 18




The Video Assisted Referee (VAR) does what is says on the tin, it uses multiple cameras positioned around...

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What are TruSox and do they really work?

12 Mar 18

There are a lot of products and gimmicks available for football players to buy. Some are great options, like compression clothing; however, other items leave use wanting a little bit more for the money...

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Is virtual reality training the future of football?

23 Feb 18

Germany's football association, the DFB, will trial virtual reality training in the coming months. As reported from sports technology website Sport Techie, the DFB will working with the Netherlands company...

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Is compression football clothing right for all players?

8 Feb 18

Turn on a professional football match and you will often see players wearing compression clothing under their kit. Compression gear comes in many shapes and sizes. Shirts, shorts, long tights and even...

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New football boot sensor measures player performance

11 Jan 18

We recently wrote about a brand new football startup company called DribbleUp. The creative sports technology company created a product to help players develop their skills. Now another sports technology...

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