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Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

9 Jun 20

Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

Recovery is one of the keys to top performance. Professional footballers add recovery sessions to their exercise and nutrition routines...

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What is Barcelona star Lionel Messi’s diet?

4 Mar 20

What is Lionel Messi's diet and how does it help improve his play as he gets older?

Lionel Messi doesn't look like the physical specimen that Cristiano Ronaldo does. That doesn't mean Messi isn't incredibly...

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Does oxygenated water improve your muscle recovery after football training?

26 Feb 20

The advancement and development of products designed to improve weight loss, fitness, and muscle recovery has been accelerated over the last 10 years. One of the newest trends in sports drinks is oxygenated...

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Hamstring injuries: Ouch!

18 Dec 19

Hamstring injuries are the most common injuries in professional football. A strain or tear is a major problem for top-class players, but amateur players can also suffer hamstring related problems. According...

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Simple energy providing snacks for athletes

29 Nov 19

Having the right foods before a match can give you the energy you need to succeed on the pitch. If you have the right foods, you can last longer and outperform the competition. So, here are some simple...

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What is walking football?

2 Nov 19

Walking football is a sport that has become a huge hit amongst older fans and former players unable to run as they did in years past. According to the BBC, the game has saved lives and continues to do...

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Why do footballers love mate tea?

22 Oct 19

You may have noticed top footballers such as Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Roberto Firmino sipping on a drink from a strange-looking cup. This concoction is known as mate tea and drink that has swept...

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Fatigue and Football: Overcoming tiredness

18 Oct 19

Fatigue is a common problem for athletes of all types. It is especially common in football because players are running constantly. But running alone isn't the only thing that can cause fatigue in footballers....

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What are the best sports drinks for high-performance athletes?

2 Oct 19

Football players spend a lot of time running and sweating on the pitch. Whether it is training or a match, players exert a lot of energy and need fluids to hydrate their bodies. A football player who fails...

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Eat like a pro: 5 foods you need to eat for top football performance

31 Aug 19

If you want to be a professional footballer, you have to eat like one. As former WWE superstar "Stone Cold" Steve Austin says, "You can't out-train a poor diet". Top-class footballers not only train well...

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How to cool off when it gets hot at football training

23 Jul 19

This week, a heatwave has hit England and football teams around the country have had to alter the way they train. It doesn't take much for players to get overcome by heat. In some cases, players can suffer...

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Football Fitness: Staying fit and healthy at the end of the football season

13 Apr 19

The big leagues in Europe are heading toward the end of their respective seasons. Many of the top footballers are struggling at this point with fatigue and injury. Staying fit and healthy is difficult...

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