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Sam McCallum: V9 graduate to the Premier League

21 Feb 20

Sam McCallum may not be a name you are familiar with outside of the latest football videogame. The 19-year-0ld began his career in the youth team of Herne Bay, a non-league club, before being snatched...

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Asia Football Showcase: Take a chance on your football career

18 Feb 20

Asia Football Showcase offers footballers the chance to train, trial, and triumph in front of real coaches and scouts in the football world. Asia is rife with football leagues seeking high-quality players...

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Which teams played on the first artificial football pitch in England?

11 Feb 20

Who played on the first artificial football pitch in England?

Artificial grass was invented so sports teams could play indoors and without the need to continually maintain grass surfaces. AstroTurf...

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Major League Soccer introduces two new teams with Inter Miami and Nashville SC

8 Feb 20

Major League Soccer will celebrate its 25th anniversary this season and introduce two new teams to the league. Inter Miami and Nashville SC will begin play and MLS will have 26 teams this term. The two...

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Who invented the football dugout?

4 Feb 20

The touchline of big clubs in European football are adorned with incredibly comfortable seats for players, coaches, and staff to sit in and watch the games unfold. There was a time when the sidelines looked...

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Football prodigies that failed to make it as professionals footballers

28 Jan 20

Every year, there are new additions to the list of football prodigies that failed to make it as professional footballers. Many of these young players that struggled, did so due to personal issues and reasons.


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What is the record for most goals scored in a football match by one player?

25 Jan 20

Would you believe that the most goals scored in a single organised league or cup football match are 149 goals? That figure is the record-breaking total that was bagged in 2002 by one team, AS Adema, who...

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The oldest football player in the world

21 Jan 20

When you consider modern football, you may think the oldest football player in the world is around 40-years old. However, fans may be surprised to find the oldest football player in the world currently...

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Who’s football’s richest club?

16 Jan 20

Accounting organisation Deloitte has released its annual Football Money League detailing the richest football clubs in the world. The Football Money League shows the clubs that earned the most revenue...

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5 future Premier League football stars under 20

11 Jan 20

Football clubs are always looking for the next big football stars and when youthfully exuberant players make their ways into good teams, fans take notice. There is a crop of good young players coming through...

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The Slide Tackle: Basics of making a High-Quality Slide Tackle

7 Jan 20

Tackling is an integral part of football and defensive players must master the art of tackling to be successful. The slide tackle is one element of tackling that players can master as a great ground tackle...

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Goalkeeper injuries: In the firing line

5 Jan 20

Goalkeepers are always in the firing line and constantly at risk of injury. The position puts you in risk at every turn. Catching, diving, jumping, and colliding with other players are all parts of the...

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