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5 Most followed footballers on Instagram

28 Apr 20

5 Most follow footballers on Instagram

Instagram has become the social media channel of choice for millions of people around the globe. According to research, Instagram has 1 billion active users sharing...

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Coronavirus and football: Is football on the way back from hiatus?

26 Apr 20

Coronavirus and football: Is football on the way back from hiatus?

The coronavirus pandemic has put football on pause around the world with only a few select leagues continuing on. The Belarus Premier...

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Why does Liga MX play an Apertura and Clausura seasons?

22 Apr 20

Watch a football match from Mexico's top-flight football league Liga MX and you might be confused. The league is split into two seasons with the Apertura taking place followed by the Clausura. The two...

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Why do footballs curve when they are kicked?

18 Apr 20

Why do footballs curve when they are kicked?

Chances are you watch football and see top professionals like Cristiano Ronaldo put an insane amount of swerve, or curve, on their shots or passes. But why...

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How to train for football during COVID-19 lockdown

14 Apr 20

COVID-19 has altered life for many people around the world. If you are an athlete or play for a football club, chances are you have had to change the way in which you train. COVID-19 has thrown up some...

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Belarus Premier League: The only show in town

8 Apr 20

Football leagues around the globe ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic with only a few select competitions still in action. The Nicaragua and Tajikistan are both currently playing on through...

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Self-isolating football documentaries to watch

3 Apr 20

There is a good chance you have time on your hands right now due to the coronavirus. If you are like me, you are mainlining shows on Netflix and Prime. If you are looking for football to watch, there are...

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The Defensive Wall – Why do we use it in football?

26 Mar 20

If you have watched or played a football match recently and a free-kick was given, you may have noticed -- or not -- a part of the game that takes place without much thought. That part of the game I am...

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Who has scored the most goals in football history?

22 Mar 20

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo scored goal after goal in La Liga for their respective teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, but neither player can claim -- currently -- to be the player with the most goals...

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Former football great Ronaldinho excels in prison futsal

17 Mar 20

Former football great Ronaldinho has fallen on hard times. The Brazilian was arrested in March after using a fake passport and documents to enter Paraguay. According to Ronaldinho's representative, the...

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How is the coronavirus affecting football?

10 Mar 20

The coronavirus has hit parts of the world hard with over 118,000 reported cases globally. In the United Kingdom alone, the BBC has reported 373 cases as of March 10th.

The virus has affected sports...

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Major League Soccer’s 5 highest profile foreign exports in 2020

6 Mar 20

The Major League Soccer season recently kicked off with an exciting round of football. The new season is the league's 25th season since debuting and each years has seen it grow. The 2020 MLS season sees...

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