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Hamstring injuries: Ouch!

18 Dec 19

Hamstring injuries are the most common injuries in professional football. A strain or tear is a major problem for top-class players, but amateur players can also suffer hamstring related problems. According...

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A-League expanding to 12 teams for 2020-21

14 Dec 19

The Australian A-League formed in 2005 and has seen plenty of ups and downs over the last 15 years of football. The league has seen teams come and go including the New Zealand Knights, Gold Coast United,...

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How to strengthen your weaker foot in football

11 Dec 19

Even at the professional level of football, there are players who are afraid to use their weaker feet. It is maddening as a viewer as professional players should be able to use both feet, right? Yet, there...

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FIFA backing a new global football league

6 Dec 19

FIFA is backing an incredible proposal for a global football competition that would feature club teams competing against one another. Football's governing body has approached the world's richest club Real...

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How much football is too much for players?

4 Dec 19

Young football players are starting to learn the game, train, and play matches earlier and earlier in life. By the time some kids are seven-years-old, it isn't uncommon for them in countries such as England,...

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Simple energy providing snacks for athletes

29 Nov 19

Having the right foods before a match can give you the energy you need to succeed on the pitch. If you have the right foods, you can last longer and outperform the competition. So, here are some simple...

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Football Player CVs: Important for your football future

26 Nov 19

Football players seeking to catch the attention of coaches and scouts need a professional football player CV. If you are serious about your game and want to go to the next level, you need to have a football...

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Forgotten Footballers: 5 players that burned brightly but dimmed quickly

23 Nov 19

Scouting footballers and predicting whether a young player will fulfil their potential isn't a science. Some times it takes luck finding as there are plenty of distractions along the way that can derail...

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Romford FC: Football’s biggest circus

19 Nov 19

In November 2019, Romford FC became England's most interesting club -- some would say craziest -- as new owner Glenn Tamplin sacked the team's entire coaching staff after assuming ownership.

After cutting...

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Record attendance for women’s football in 2019

16 Nov 19

Women's football is at its highest ever peak with teams attracting fans to stadiums and television sets like never before. This weekend, women's football in England is hoping for a massive day at the turnstiles....

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New GPS tracker makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like a pro

12 Nov 19

Sports tech company Catapult Sports has launched Playr, a product that makes it easy for amateur footballers to feel like real Premier League pros. The GPS tracker is just another advancement in the world...

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Best football leagues in Asia

9 Nov 19

Asia's large size and numerous countries mean it possesses a number of football leagues. Footballers seeking a breakthrough in the game may choose to relocate to an Asian league for more playing time and...

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