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What is walking football?

2 Nov 19

Walking football is a sport that has become a huge hit amongst older fans and former players unable to run as they did in years past. According to the BBC, the game has saved lives and continues to do...

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Those funny Americans: 5 strange MLS rules that differ from the rest of the world’s football leagues

29 Oct 19

Major League Soccer has been the United States' and Canada's top tier of football since debuting in 1996. From the start, MLS has attempted to Americanise the sport while trying to stay true to some of...

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Heading under scrutiny in youth football

26 Oct 19

Since the rise in research over brain injuries and CTE in American football, many have looked at heading in soccer (world football) as a major issue.

As more research has been conducted and new evidence...

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Why do footballers love mate tea?

22 Oct 19

You may have noticed top footballers such as Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Roberto Firmino sipping on a drink from a strange-looking cup. This concoction is known as mate tea and drink that has swept...

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Fatigue and Football: Overcoming tiredness

18 Oct 19

Fatigue is a common problem for athletes of all types. It is especially common in football because players are running constantly. But running alone isn't the only thing that can cause fatigue in footballers....

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3 Iconic Diego Maradona goals

15 Oct 19

The 30 October will mark the 59th birthday of one of the greatest footballers of all-time. Diego Maradona will celebrate his birthday later this month and with the day on the horizon, we take a look at...

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5 Football books every player and fan should read

7 Oct 19

There are a wealth of football books on the market, yet not all are interesting reads. In fact, many of the books available to buy are snooze-fests written by ghostwriters about a player's career. However,...

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What are the best sports drinks for high-performance athletes?

2 Oct 19

Football players spend a lot of time running and sweating on the pitch. Whether it is training or a match, players exert a lot of energy and need fluids to hydrate their bodies. A football player who fails...

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Why you should play futsal!

28 Sep 19

Futsal is a fast-paced brand of football played indoors on small, handball-style courts. The game, which was made famous in Brazil, features teams with a goalkeeper and four outfit players.

Due to futsal's...

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5 footballers who excelled after changing positions

26 Sep 19

Footballers know that playing the same position from junior football all the way up to the professional ranks isn't common. You may need to change positions to excel as a player and find the area of the...

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The sitter: Why football players miss easy chances

20 Sep 19

It happens nearly every weekend in major football leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga. Football players miss easy chances right in front of the goal. Yes, a missed sitter can be an incredibly...

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Best football boots for 2019

17 Sep 19

The football season has just got underway for many players. A new football season not only means putting on a new kit but new football boots as well. Boots no longer come in only black or white. Over the...

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