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Dutch footballer becomes thriving entrepreneur thanks to gaming

29 Apr 19

It is no secret that the world's top footballers love to play video games. Earlier this season, Barcelona's French superstar Ousmane Dembele was reprimanded by the club due to his late-night gaming and...

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Are mathematicians replacing football scouts at the world’s biggest clubs?

22 Apr 19

Football has changed over the decades and it continues to evolve. One of the best football books written in the last decade, Soccernomics, outlined just how football is changing.

Big clubs are using...

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Which top world football clubs have the highest attendances?

16 Apr 19

A new report released on Tuesday has identified the 20 most watched clubs in world football. The CIES Football Observatory looked at the attendances of 51 domestic football leagues around the globe.


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Football Fitness: Staying fit and healthy at the end of the football season

13 Apr 19

The big leagues in Europe are heading toward the end of their respective seasons. Many of the top footballers are struggling at this point with fatigue and injury. Staying fit and healthy is difficult...

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Champions League: 3 Iconic moments from top club competition in the world

9 Apr 19

The Champions League 2018-19 quarterfinals kicked off this week. The return of the No. 1 club football competition has reminded us of some of the most amazing moments in Champions League history.


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Football Training: 3 Areas to improve to impress football scouts

7 Apr 19

With so many professional and amateur football teams around the world, clubs are always looking for new players. Improving your skills and abilities through training can increase your chances of getting...

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Cryotherapy: Football’s new secret weapon against injuries

2 Apr 19

Cryotherapy is the new rage in football fitness and recovery. It is a recovery method that has become the go-to aid for footballers looking to improve and rehabilitate damaged body tissue.


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What characteristics make a great goalkeeper?

29 Mar 19

Goalkeeper is one of the most difficult positions to play on the football pitch. Not only does a No. 1 need to stop hard shots, but they must deal with the mental aspects of success and failure.

A goalkeeper...

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5 Amazing football facts that sound too crazy to be true

25 Mar 19

Football is a sport in which almost anything can happen. With games occurring all over the world every day, some of the most bizarre things take place. Here is a look at 5 amazing football facts that...

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From hero to zero: 5 teen football stars failed to reach their potential

21 Mar 19

Football is full of great stories of players emerging from nowhere and becoming big stars. However, the game is also full of just as many youngsters who showed promise only to burn out after a few seasons....

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Can a top-class football player eat a vegan diet?

18 Mar 19

You might not realise it, but there are a number of top footballers around the world living vegan diet lifestyles. You may think vegans are similar to vegetarians, which isn't too far from the truth. But...

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Andrew Robertson: Proof hard work pays off

14 Mar 19

When the final whistle blew in Munich's Allianz Arena, Liverpool's players held their arms high in victory. The Reds had marched into the German city and defeated the reigning Bundesliga champions Bayern...

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