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Merseyside Derby: Everton in red, Liverpool in blue?

23 Jun 20

The Merseyside Derby recently took centre stage in the Premier League with Everton hosting Liverpool at Goodison Park. The match featured the derby's usual fair share of hard tackles, near misses, and...

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Can AI technology tell clubs which footballer to recruit and sign?

20 Jun 20

Football continues to evolve thanks to new technology and the use of data has emerged over the last decade giving clubs more power in player signings and squad selections.

Now, computer scientists England's...

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The EFL’s oldest players still alive and kicking

16 Jun 20

The EFL's oldest players still alive and kicking

Many of the great footballers tend to slow down when they hit 30-years old. It is an age in which many players begin to lose a step and struggle to keep...

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Champions League 2019-20 Restart Plan

13 Jun 20

The Champions League 2019-20, like other top football leagues in Europe, went on hiatus in March after the round of 16. With football leagues such as the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Premier League restarting,...

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Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

9 Jun 20

Vibrational massage devices: Your new best friend for recovery

Recovery is one of the keys to top performance. Professional footballers add recovery sessions to their exercise and nutrition routines...

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Chinese Super League club Tianjin Tianhai declare bankruptcy

3 Jun 20

The coronavirus has hit the sports world hard and one of the Chinese Super League's biggest clubs folded in May after falling into financial crisis. Tianjin Tianhai, a club that previously employed striker...

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The Wall training drill – A lesson from Eric Cantona

31 May 20

If you are a fan of the Premier League or Manchester United, there is a good chance you can thank ex-Red Devil Eric Cantona for that admiration. Cantona is the footballer who turned the Premier League...

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5 football flops in 2019-20

27 May 20

The 2019-20 football season is nearly finished for all the major leagues in Europe. The verdict is in for many of the teams and players that competed this term. While a number of players exceeded -- or...

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Who is the Premier League highest scorer from free-kicks?

20 May 20

Free-kick goals are some of the most eye-catching, mouth-watering sights on the planet. Or at least in the world of football. There is nothing quite like a free-kick goal and the excitement that it brings....

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La Bombonera – Argentina’s most iconic stadium

17 May 20

Boca Junior's La Bombonera stadium is Argentina's most iconic stadium. The ground has been made famous thanks to the club that call it home, Boca Juniors, and the derby matches played against River Plate...

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Scottish Premiership: Why does the league split ?

13 May 20

If you have followed the Scottish Premiership over the last few years, you will have noticed that it splits into two parts late in the season. The Scottish top flight is unique in the United Kingdom for...

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Could Manchester City’s owners buy a ninth football club?

9 May 20

Manchester City are not only one of the richest and (currently) most powerful football clubs in the world, but their ownership group continues to invest in the sport. Manchester City's owners currently...

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