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What is the deep-lying playmaker position in football?

12 Dec 20

The No. 10 gets all of the headlines in football with their ability to create goals and score them. However, there is another position on the football pitch that creates goals from a central area and is...

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What is the sweeper position in football?

7 Dec 20

The sweeper position is one that isn't often used in football these days. However, the sweeper position has morphed in a hybrid position. Modern the centre-backs often play a sweeper-role making it unnecessary...

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What is the attacking midfielder position in football?

1 Dec 20

The attacking midfielder position in football may be more commonly referred to as the No. 10 position. It is a position that links the midfield with the forwards, creating goalscoring opportunities for...

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What is the wing-back position in football?

26 Nov 20

In recent seasons, a shift in football tactics and formations has led to the wide-spread use of the wing-back position. Teams such as RB Leipzig, Leicester City, and Chelsea have used the wing-back to...

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Wrexham AFC bought by Hollywood A-list stars

24 Nov 20

Wrexham AFC are now a monied club. At least on paper, the Welsh club are among the growing list of football clubs having been bought by new-money owners. Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney...

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What is the Canadian Premier League?

18 Nov 20

One of the great aspects of football is that there are a lot, I mean a lot, of opportunities for players to play professionally somewhere in the world. There are few sports that allow players to find a...

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AI camera ruins football match in Scotland

14 Nov 20

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on when it comes to technology in football, you cannot argue that it is here to stay. VAR has been a major talking point around the globe for its impact on...

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Are these the greatest rivalries in football?

10 Nov 20

A recent article on Sportskeeda, one of the website's writers compiled and ranked the top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Club Football. Some of the rivalries are certainly well warranted, but others may not...

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Football Manager: Facts you may not know about the globally loved videogame

18 Oct 20

Oftentimes, football fans argue over which football videogame is the best representation of the beautiful game. The debate usually surrounds two much-loved games, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Yet,...

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Football training tips: Improve your game!

14 Oct 20

The football season may be underway, but that doesn't mean improving your game stops. In fact, this is the ideal time to develop skills in training and prove yourself on the pitch in a game. By improving...

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Who are the world’s highest paid women’s footballers?

5 Oct 20

Women's football has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. Now, Europe's top clubs have women's teams competing in domestic competitions and the UEFA Women's Champions League. There is still...

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How are Bayern Munich’s players super-human fit?

28 Sep 20

Bayern Munich won the German Bundesliga, German Cup and Champions League in 2019-20. They followed up their treble of trophies by winning the UEFA Super Cup.

One of the biggest differences between Bayern...

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