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10 Football Trial Tips

23 Dec 16

10 Football Trial Tips
Before we start i think its important to make the reader aware this is not the ultimate guide to trials, its just a bit of advice to stuff we have provided to you in the past. Any...

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Football Trials UK

21 Dec 16

Football Trials UK
During The Asia Football Showcase event it became clear that many of the players on Football Trials UK didn't know what was expected of them in their position. A coach once said to me...

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Europe – Managing The Game

19 Dec 16

Europe - Managing The Game
Over the past 4 weeks without playing in Europe Chelsea side grind out results, tear teams apart and also ride their luck and get some fortunate results.

Under the guidance...

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Tryouts Dealing with Failure

16 Dec 16

Tryouts Dealing with Failure
Failure is very much part of the professional game and Tryouts

. This can be a micro failure or a macro failure. The path after one of these failures is the hard bit for...

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Professional Players – The Modern Player off the Pitch

14 Dec 16

Professional Players - The Modern Player off the Pitch
Social media is a part of a professional footballers daily routine now. Premier Football UK was established 8 years ago and during this time we have...

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U18 – Midfielders

12 Dec 16

U18 - Midfielders
Identifying what is needed in a U18 midfielder is probably one if the hardest jobs as a coach. The centre midfield position is the only position on the pitch where you play against a...

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Teams – The Modern Day Defender?

9 Dec 16

Teams - The Modern Day Defender?
Like all positions in teams the defender is evolving. It seems that the game has come a full circle in some respects with Jose Mourinhio praising Phil Jones recent performances...

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Academy – Getting a good photo for your CV

7 Dec 16

Academy - Getting a good photo for your CV.
Academy scouts and coaches are always looking for new players. Club Direct CV is an opportunity to put players ahead of other academy players. Its really important...

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Players – The Pressure of The Go To MAN

5 Dec 16

Players - The ‘Go To’ Player
After completing The AFS Showcase Trials it was interesting in what players described themselves as.The fashion at the moment shows that false nines, centre attacking midfielders,...

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Teams in Asia – What is the difference between The Asia football scene and Europe?

2 Dec 16

Teams in Asia - What is the difference between The Asia football scene and Europe?
Teams in Asia. Wow, where do you start?
Teams in Asia. Obviously there are massive cultural differences but its too easy...

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Soccer – its not easy!!!

1 Dec 16

Soccer - its not easy!!!
It's important to keep things in perspective. This is a players first time soccer trials with a club/squad at this level. It's understandable that all players need time to adjust....

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Trials – Preparing be a midfielder

28 Nov 16

Trials - Preparing be a midfielder
Physically - Trials Prep
As a midfielder preparing for football trials you need to be technically good but with the amount of changes of directions, speed and distances...

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