Bizarre football stories: Shell Caribbean Cup 1994

One of the most bizarre football stories to ever occur took place at the Shell Caribbean Cup 1994. Barbados and Grenada met in a group stage qualifying match of the tournament.

Going into the game, Barbados knew that they needed to win the game by two clear goals to progress in the tournament proper. Remarkably, seeking to have a clear winner for all games, a sudden death extra-time was implemented but it had a twist to it. It was not your typical golden goal.

Bizarre football stories

Shell Caribbean Cup organizers implemented a new, bizarre football rule for the tournament matches. The rule stated that in sudden death extra-time, the first goal would not only win the match but it counted as two goals. What? The idea stemmed from Shell Caribbean Cup organizers wanting each match to have a winner and adding the sudden death, one goal counts as two offered incentive to teams to score goals.

Now, with Barbados trailing 2-1 for Barbados and time running out, Barbados was unsure of their chances of scoring another goal. The Barbados team made a strange decision. The team wanted to force the game into extra-time where they could score a single goal that would count as two and progress to the next round. To achieve this, Barbados scored a very deliberate own goal with three minutes left in regulation, making the game 2-2 and forcing extra-time.

In the overtime period, Barbados scored the game-winning goal that they needed, which counted as two goals, allowing them to win the match 4-2. Barbados moved on to the next round of the tournament.

Despite the shenanigans that saw Barbados make it to the finals for the tournament, they failed to qualify from the next group stage. Trinidad and Tobago eventually won the tournament without any reported hijinks from tournament organizers. They did smash Martinique in the final 7-2.

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