Asia Football Showcase: Take a chance on your football career

Asia Football Showcase offers footballers the chance to train, trial, and triumph in front of real coaches and scouts in the football world. Asia is rife with football leagues seeking high-quality players from all over the globe. Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and Vietnam all have quality football leagues and you could earn a contract playing for a club in one of the countries.

So, why should you try the Asia Football Showcase to kickstart your football career?

Oftentimes, footballers get stuck in a rut in their own countries. Players can find it difficult gaining opportunities in their own country. When players cannot find opportunities they should seek for them elsewhere. However, many footballers stay in their own countries to fight for opportunities.

When a door is closed, players should open a new one and this is why joining the Asia Football Showcase trials is the way to get noticed. If you cannot get noticed playing for your team, in the same league, and the same city you have been playing in for years, then it may be time for a change.

Why attend AFS in March 2019?

Asian teams from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Lao, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand are interested in signing talented players from countries outside of Asia.

The AFS trial enables clubs from these countries to scout great unseen players. Previous showcases have seen players such as Australian Guil Santana sign for Thailand’s Buriram United and Spain’s Iker Montensis given a trial by Thai club Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC.

Players aren’t always given playing opportunities in their home countries and going on trials overseas is one way to earn a professional contract. Not only does AFS provide players seeking an opportunity a chance to impress scouts, but Premier Football UK has links with clubs throughout the continent.

Each AFS trial welcomes 44 players to the Bangkok event. Just four players per footballing position are selected for each showcase. This gives players an optimum chance to play and be seen by scouts.

The next AFS trial will take place in March with players from all over the world descending on Bangkok. Places go quickly with eager football players signing up for the event.

AFS could be the chance of a lifetime for a football player and help them kickstart their playing career.

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