Are these the greatest rivalries in football?

A recent article on Sportskeeda, one of the website’s writers compiled and ranked the top 10 Greatest Rivalries in Club Football. Some of the rivalries are certainly well warranted, but others may not be. So, are these 10 rivalries the greatest in club football?

1. Superclasico — River Plate vs. Boca Juniors

Argentina’s top two teams play the Superclasio each year and many football fans the world oversee it as the best rivalry in the game. It is hard to argue that this is a great derby. It has plenty of history with political and social overtones. Games are fiery affairs and fans can certainly cross the line as happened in 2018 when River fans attacked Boca’s bus before the Copa Libertadores final.

2. El Clasico — Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Perhaps the world’s most overrate derby. Recent seasons have seen El Clasico put on several dull displays. The fire of the past has faded. It feels like El Clasico is still living on the hogs head thrown at Luis Figo.

3. Intercontinental Derby — Galatasaray vs. Fenerbahce

There is a lot of hate between Turkey’s two biggest clubs. The derby is often classed as intense, which is understandable as more than 100 years have existed with the teams playing each other.

4. Derby of the Eternal Enemies — Olympiacos vs. Panathinaikos

A classic in the Greek capital is how the derby between Olympiacos and Panathinaikos is described. The BBC once labelled the derby as “Europe’s maddest”.

5. Derby della Madonnina — Inter Milan vs. AC Milan

The Milan Derby is much like El Clasico as much of the lustre has worn off the fixture. Both clubs have had lean years over the past decade, yet fans still look forward to this fixture each season.

6. England Derby — Liverpool vs. Manchester United

No rivalry in England is as strong as the one between Liverpool and Manchester United. It doesn’t get the respect it deserves and should be higher on this list. No teams have won more English top-flight titles than the pair and the hatred between the cities goes back centuries.

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