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Asia Football Showcase

Premier Football UK have partnered with Asia Football Showcase (AFS) who host an unique 3 day residential trial program is for players aged 16-29 hoping to showcase their talents 
and earn a professional contract in 
one of the leading Asian Football Leagues.

About AFS

AFS is an independent professional football organisation dedicated to providing the opportunity to players with the objective of ultimately producing professional footballers in Asia.

AFS have direct links with clubs and coaches from Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Japan and more.

Scouts, coaches and managers from clubs in Asia are guaranteed attendees at the unique 3 day residential trial program.  Since its inception, AFS has built a reputation within the professional football community within Asia.

AFS work closely with numerous top level Asian clubs and offer a genuine route into Asa to play football professionally.

Further Details

Register at or download AFS player information pack.


Age: 20
Nationality: Australian
Signed: Buriram United FC